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The Dalton International DNA Project (DIDP) was established by the Dalton Genealogical Society(DGS) in May 2003. Now, with more than 300 participants, it is one of the largest and most respected DNA single surname studies worldwide.

We host a private Dalton DNA Group on Facebook and a Dalton Surname GEDMatch group (registration required for both services).

In October 2006 a preliminary presentation of the project findings was made at the DGS Annual Gathering in Hampton, New Hampshire, USA. In December 2007 an analysis of the DNA results of 99 testees in the project at that time. This included some testees in the Dalton America and other projects, whose DNA results matched testees in DIDP.

At our 2011 Gathering in Salt Lake City, Utah the DIDP Report was agian updated.

In 2020, we engaged Mark Wholihan, a Forensic Genetic Genealogist, to further refine and gather more Dalton DNA information. Mark has taken the advances in DNA research and matching and applied it to our database of Dalton testees. Mark is pushing connections further back and incorporating information from the Y-DNA tests to create a more-complete Dalton History and extended family connections through female Daltons.
Mark's 2020 Gathering Report report can be viewed here and his 2021 Gathering Update is here.

If you would like to join the Dalton Genealogical Society and participate in our Dalton International DNA Project, please consider becoming a DGS Member. Also consider joining Dalton (D*lton) Surname DNA and Genealogy our Private Facebook Group, which is open to all.



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